Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Limits of the Artistic Imagination and the Secular Intellectual


1. providing counter-information in an age where the media have the resources to manage and manipulate reality

2. a reinterpretive function at the level of communicating ideas

3. demysticification by articulating the basis issues of justice and human good or evil surrounding these issues

4. interefering and interevening across the lines of specification that attempt to privatize knowledge

5. an insurgent and resistent position when consensus is arrived on the basis of domination

6. the task of exercising a moral function of deploying the irreconcilable and irreducible oppositions between ideas, peoples, societies, histories and claims at the level of performance

Taken from Left of Karl Marx, ch 1, ph 9

Chapter 1 from : https://rampages.us/goldstein/wp-content/uploads/sites/7807/2018/08/Johnson-and-Lubin-2017-Futures-of-Black-radicalism.pdf

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