Friday, August 3, 2018

Talking to the media about your work

Notes from a conversation with producer of a local radio station that commonly interviews scientists about their work:
  • Tell a story. Stories have beginning, middle and end
  • What's the headline? What's the research process? Conflict? Failure? *This can add humanity if you have time
  • Use devices to explain difficult concepts: metaphor, simile, personification
  • Research the journalist beforehand, imagine your audience (Maybe have a framed picture of them that you can see while you are talking)
  • Know when to stop talking, answer what you are asked and stop
  • They will / should ask: what did I miss?
  • What is the interview for, and how long do you have (deadline)?
  • Make sure to impress why your work is important, because the public is who funds you, so you should be able to communicate what the problem is that you are working on to fix!

Other posts describe the need for scientific engagement with the public / media (Dr. Kevin Boehnke in Science magazine) - this post just addresses how to make it go well![…]cademics-capturing-reporters-attention-in-a-changing-landscape/

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