Friday, August 3, 2018

Helpful software I use

Here are some of the resources I use to help my research, professional development, career building etc.:

Time tracking:
Quickly send emails to yourself: Email me
On-the-go note taking: Google keep

Browser extensions: Leechblock (for productivity), RescueTime (for productivity), LastPass (password manager), Google Scholar (for quickly downloading references), Ghosterly and Ublock (for blocking trackers)

Sending faxes without a fax machine:

Making work to-do lists:

Tracking non-work thoughts:

Reference manager:
Getting all the mendeley references from a word doc: RefExtractor
Making in-Chrome highlights to pdfs and websites: Weava

Text editor for all types of files, including Fortran:

Protecting your eyes using dark-mode: morpheon dark and darkreader

Excel tricks: Graphing and Utilities

Editing multiple windows files at once:

Showing Outlook calendar in Gcal: OGCS

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